Jillian Michaels thinks the keto diet is a dreadful idea

Jillian Michaels has stated it when, and she'll state it again: She's not a fan of the ketogenic diet.

In April, the celebrity physical fitness trainer called the keto diet plan-- which includes consuming lots of protein and fat and few carbohydrates so the body goes into a fat-burning state-- a "awful, awful idea" since of its restrictive nature.

Michaels also dissed the diet plan in an interview with People in May AlkaTone 2018. "Don't do keto," she stated, adding that the diet plan is nothing more than a fad.

In a recent interview with INSIDER about her 100-mile walking difficulty to raise cash for worldwide refugees, Michaels even more described her thoughts on the keto diet plan and offered suggestions on how to consume rather.

If you do not have an insulin-related illness, you ought to skip keto, Michaels says

The ketogenic diet was created in the 1920s, however at that time it wasn't utilized for weight reduction-- rather, the diet plan was a way to help individuals control epileptic seizures.

More recently, the diet has been found to lower blood-sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Michaels informed INSIDER that while she understands the purpose of the keto diet for individuals with diabetes, she does not see it as an option for others who are seeking a quick weight-loss method.

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The keto diet isn't "meant to be a continuous lifestyle," she said, though people remain on it for many years on end.

Michaels recommended that rather than attempting keto for weight-loss, individuals need to try an eating strategy she called "extremely sound judgment."

" Don't eat excessive food, period," she said. "When we look at individuals gaining weight, it involves just how much food they're consuming."

Michaels stated individuals wanting to reduce weight needs to make sure to consume fewer calories than they're expending daily. Usually, a woman has to consume about 1,500 calories daily to lose one pound a week, while a male has to eat about 2,000 calories for the very same outcome.

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