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Eating more gluten early in life is tied to children's higher risk of celiac disease, a study says

Bad news for lovers of bread, pasta and baked goods: Eating lots of gluten-heavy foods from a young age could eventually lead to gluten intolerance.

A study published Tuesday in the journal JAMA suggests that eating higher-than-normal levels of gluten during the first five years of life can increase …

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Burger Ate My Brain: Stretching the Evidence on Diet and Dementia

“An extra burger meal a day eats the brain away," is the sort of arresting headline you’d expect from a tabloid, but it actually comes directly from a recent university press release relating to a review of the evidence around diet and dementia, authored by Nicolas Cherbuin and Erin I. Walsh, and pu…

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Dirty keto diet might be easier, but that does not indicate it's healthy, dietitian alerts

There are couple of diet plans that have actually gotten the headings in current years that keto has-- the high fat, low carbohydrate diet that devotees claim to be the ultimate answer to reducing weight and keeping it off long term.

And if keto wasn't engaging enough, there is even a 'unclean' range…

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Alternate-Day Fasting in Short Term Safe, Has Metabolic Benefits

Caloric limitation is a well-documented way to slim down, improve heart health, and possibly even sluggish aging, but scientists still do not agree on the very best method to ... not eat.

New research study in the journal Cell Metabolism describes an unique method to periodically restrict calorie int…

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